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The Choice Reaction Time Task (Deary & Liewald, 2011)

Reaction times have been studies for over 100 years and a staple of scientific study in psychology. A commonly used procedure is to study reaction time involves measuring reaction times to a choice of stimulus.

The task

Deary and Liewald (2011) developed the choice reaction time task that requires participants to respond to one of a number of stimuli. In this task, participants must push one of four response keys that corrrespond to a target stimuli that appears in a corresponding location on screen.


See if you can modify this task so that randomization of the ISI is handled within a code component, rather than using a set ISI from the excel conditions file.


Deary, I. J., Liewald, D., & Nissan, J. (2011). A free, easy-to-use, computer-based simple and four-choice reaction time programme: the Deary-Liewald reaction time task. Behavior research methods, 43(1), 258-268.