GitLab CI/CD Examples

A collection of .gitlab-ci.yml template files is maintained in GitLab. When you create a new file via the UI, GitLab will give you the option to choose one of these templates. If your favorite programming language or framework are missing we would love your help by sending a merge request with a new .gitlab-ci.yml to this project.

There's also a collection of repositories with example projects for various languages. You can fork and adjust them to your own needs.

Languages, frameworks, OSs

Game development


Test Reports

Collect test reports in Verify stage

Code Quality analysis [STARTER]

(Starter) Analyze your project's Code Quality

Dependencies license management [ULTIMATE]

Find and manage the licenses of your dependencies.

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) [ULTIMATE]

Scan your code for vulnerabilities

Dependency Scanning [ULTIMATE]

Scan your dependencies for vulnerabilities

Container Scanning

Scan your Docker images for vulnerabilities

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Scan your app for vulnerabilities with GitLab Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Browser Performance Testing with

Analyze your browser performance with

GitLab CI/CD for Review Apps

GitLab CI/CD for GitLab Pages

See the documentation on GitLab Pages for a complete overview.


Contributions are very welcome! You can help your favorite programming language users and GitLab by sending a merge request with a guide for that language. You may want to apply for the GitLab Community Writers Program to get paid for writing complete articles for GitLab.