Documentation improvement workflow

Anyone can contribute a merge request or create an issue for GitLab's documentation.

This page covers the process for any contributions to GitLab's docs that are not part of feature development. If you are looking for information on updating GitLab's docs as is required with the development and release of a new feature or feature enhancement, see the feature-change documentation workflow.

Who updates the docs

Anyone can contribute! You can create a merge request with documentation when you find errors or other room for improvement in an existing doc, or when you have an idea for all-new documentation that would help a GitLab user or admin to achieve or improve their DevOps workflows.

How to update the docs


Anyone with master access to the affected GitLab project can merge documentation changes. This person must make a good-faith effort to ensure that the content is clear (sufficiently easy for the intended audience to navigate and understand) and that it meets the Documentation Guidelines and Style Guide.

If the author or reviewer has any questions, or would like a techncial writer's review before merging, mention the writer who is assigned to the relevant DevOps stage.

Technical Writer review

The technical writing team reviews changes after they are merged, unless a prior review is requested.

Other ways to help

If you have ideas for further documentation resources that would be best considered/handled by technical writers, devs, and other SMEs, please create an issue.