Migrating projects to a GitLab instance

  1. From Bitbucket Cloud (aka bitbucket.org)
  2. From Bitbucket Server (aka Stash)
  3. From ClearCase
  4. From CVS
  5. From FogBugz
  6. From GitHub.com or GitHub Enterprise
  7. From GitLab.com
  8. From Gitea
  9. From Perforce
  10. From SVN
  11. From TFS
  12. From repo by URL
  13. By uploading a manifest file (AOSP)
  14. From Gemnasium

In addition to the specific migration documentation above, you can import any Git repository via HTTP from the New Project page. Be aware that if the repository is too large the import can timeout.

There is also the option of connecting your external repository to get CI/CD benefits.

Migrating from self-hosted GitLab to GitLab.com

You can copy your repos by changing the remote and pushing to the new server, but issues and merge requests can't be imported.

If you want to retain all metadata like issues and merge requests, you can use the import/export feature.