Creating a username and password for JIRA server

We need to create a user in Jira which will have access to all projects that need to integrate with GitLab. Login to your Jira instance as admin and under Administration, go to User Management and create a new user.

As an example, we'll create a user named gitlab and add it to the Jira-developers group.

NOTE: Note It is important that the user gitlab has 'write' access to projects in Jira.

We have split this stage in steps so it is easier to follow.

  1. Log in to your Jira instance as an administrator and under Administration go to User Management to create a new user.

    Jira user management link

  2. The next step is to create a new user (e.g., gitlab) who has write access to projects in Jira. Enter the user's name and a valid e-mail address since Jira sends a verification e-mail to set up the password. Note: Jira creates the username automatically by using the e-mail prefix. You can change it later, if needed. Our integration does not support SSO (such as SAML). You will need to create an HTTP basic authentication password. You can do this by visiting the user profile, looking up the username, and setting a password.

    Jira create new user

  3. Create a gitlab-developers group which will have write access to projects in Jira. Go to the Groups tab and select Create group.

    Jira create new user

    Give it an optional description and click Create group.

    Jira create new group

  4. To give the newly-created group 'write' access, go to Application access > View configuration and add the gitlab-developers group to Jira Core.

    Jira group access

  5. Add the gitlab user to the gitlab-developers group by going to Users > GitLab user > Add group and selecting the gitlab-developers group from the dropdown menu. Notice that the group says Access, which is intended as part of this process.

    Jira add user to group

The Jira configuration is complete. Write down the new Jira username and its password as they will be needed when configuring GitLab in the next section.