Error Tracking

Introduced in GitLab 11.7.

Error tracking allows developers to easily discover and view the errors that their application may be generating. By surfacing error information where the code is being developed, efficiency and awareness can be increased.

Sentry error tracking

Sentry is an open source error tracking system. GitLab allows administrators to connect Sentry to GitLab, to allow users to view a list of Sentry errors in GitLab itself.

Deploying Sentry

You may sign up to the cloud hosted or deploy your own on-premise instance.

Enabling Sentry

GitLab provides an easy way to connect Sentry to your project:

  1. Sign up to or deploy your own Sentry instance.
  2. Find or generate a Sentry auth token for your Sentry project.
  3. Navigate to your project’s Settings > Operations and provide the Sentry API URL and auth token.
  4. Ensure that the 'Active' checkbox is set.
  5. Click Save changes for the changes to take effect.
  6. You can now visit Operations > Error Tracking in your project's sidebar to view a list of Sentry errors.

Error Tracking List

The Error Tracking list may be found at Operations > Error Tracking in your project's sidebar.

Error Tracking list