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A PsychoJS-based experiment generator for the measuring various psychometric thresholds, e.g., crowding.
What's below is out of date in some ways. It mentions that we replaced the Python preprocessor.py by javascript code,
but the instructions still use the Python version. Instructions below explain how to put files on a server and run them.
This will soon be done for us by the https://easyeyes.app/threshold web page, which also allows uploading of fonts and consent forms directly to the Fonts and ConsentForms folders in EasyEyesResources/ on the scientist's Pavlovia account.
The manual is up to date.
- Denis, Sept 23, 2021.
## Installation Instructions
Note: We've moved `preprocessor.py` to `lib/legacy/` and future updates of the preprocessor will happen in the [control-panel](https://github.com/EasyEyes/control-panel) repository.
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