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Write your College-Level Term Paper Using These Tips


College level term paper is a research-oriented paper that students often submit at the end of the academic term. In this paper, students touch upon and elaborate on the topic assigned to them. The topic could range from a case study, argument or an event description. The format and length of the term paper are set by the instructor.


However, it is quite common that term paper is around 15 pages, with single spacing, single column, and 12pt font. Writing a term paper is sometimes a challenge for students. You can always reach out to a reliable essay writing service in this regard. Many online platforms are offering diligent services to students.



Difference Between Term Paper and Research Paper

You should not confuse these two kinds of papers. First of all, a research paper takes longer than a term paper. Secondly, a term paper is usually assigned in the middle of the semester. A research paper, on the other hand, is assigned at the beginning. Thirdly, the research paper seeks to find an appropriate solution to the problem. Term paper, however, is only a test of students’ knowledge on a topic.


Fourthly, the research paper presents a hypothesis that is supported or rejected at the end. The term paper is simpler in a way that it supports the existing academic works. Most importantly, the term paper has more effect on student's grades than the research paper. In case your instructor wants something particular, you can still go to write my essay service for getting your work done. In fact, if you need a good draft, you just have to ask for it and they will send it to you.


The Basic Term Paper Format

Term paper’s format is subject to variation depending on the course. For instance, a political science term paper is quite different from an engineering term paper. It is better to follow the guidelines issued by your instructor in this regard.


i)           Title page

The title page usually has your name, instructor’s name, institute name, and date. However, the title page may differ depending on the format.


ii)         Acknowledgement

The acknowledgment includes a token of gratitude to people who helped you in your research. This may include your friends or the teacher.


iii)          Abstract

Whenever anyone looks at your abstract, they should have a crisp idea about your overall work. The abstract is a brief and crisp summary of your paper.


iv)       Literature Review

It is a review of the research work that has already been done related to your topic. When I write my essay, I always pay firm attention to this part. It helps you in shaping and orienting your research.


v)         Methodology

This part outlines the tools, techniques, and methods that you used in your research. It is important to provide comprehensive information about the whole methodology.


vi)       Results

The results of the research should be presented properly. There should be no ambiguity and complexity while describing your results or findings.


vii)         Recommendations

These are your ideas that could be helpful in the future. You should come up with original and relevant ideas. You should also establish the significance and feasibility of these recommendations.


viii)        Reference List

All the sources should be listed at the end. The listing of sources should be according to the given format.


Writing a Term Paper

Here are a few essential guidelines that you need to follow while writing your paper. An efficient and simple way several people tend to choose nowadays when it comes to getting essays written is contacting an essay writing service, and having them write your essay.


It is suggested that students pay close attention to these guidelines.


i)           Extensive research

Research builds your mind before you start writing. Therefore, students should not underestimate the value of research. Through extensive research, you can come up with better ideas or approaches regarding your research. If you do not do adequate research, the quality of your paper would fall.


ii)         Well-structured outline

Crafting a well-structured outline means you are in control of your ideas. The outline is also better for the readers so they could skim through the content. You should be careful enough not to jumble up points in your outline. All the points should be in a logical flow and smoothly organized.


iii)          Introduction

The introduction should provide a gripping experience to the reader. If your introduction is not interesting enough, the reader would lose interest soon. There should be an engaging hook sentence followed by background information. The research question should be stated at the end of the introduction.


iv)       Formal tone

In academic writing, the tone should always be formal. You cannot include those words or phrases which you use in blogs or social media posts. The formality of tone establishes the credibility and academic standards of the paper.


v)         Conclusion

The conclusion should not be repetitive and run of the mill. It should reiterate your main idea first. Subsequently, you should provide a precise summary of the whole paper. Lastly, you should provide a concluding remark in such a way that it would leave a lasting impact on the reader.


vi)       Citation Style

The prominent citation styles are APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and AMA. You should organize and format the whole essay as per the given citation style. Sometimes students make silly mistakes while following these citation styles. Such mistakes should be avoided.


vii)         Proofreading

Many students underestimate the value of proofreading. Even great essay writer commits common mistakes in their first attempt. Proofreading is very important to bring much-needed refinement to your paper. You should check for sentence structure, substantiation, grammatical errors, and formatting mistakes. You should proofread your paper at least twice.



You are strongly advised to follow all these guidelines in letter and spirit. The college term papers are sometimes hard to get through. Therefore, you are recommended to seek a professional essay writer. Many talented individuals are offering great services in academic writing.



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