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All in One Punctuation Essentials for Your Essay Guide-2022


Words just hold the meaning in the sentence, without the punctuations they wouldn’t be able to communicate as we do verbally. Punctuations help clarify the message to the reader and with its rules and effects they make the text akin to verbal communication. With an idea about the basic punctuations, you can not only communicate well but bring variety into the sentence.


If you are rusty in punctuation, you can always take help from a write my essay and editor online to perfect your essay punctuation. However, punctuations are integral to good writing, and you should make the effort to learn how to use them correctly. 



A good way to improve upon punctuation is by reading English text, be it novels, news editorials, and journal articles. While reading you should keep a close eye on the use of punctuation, and how they allow for versatile writing. 



Commas are one of the most common punctuations. Apart from showing a pause in the sentence and listing various items, it performs many other important things. 

Before coordinating conjunctions

When coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, because, or, yet, so) is used to connect two independent clauses then there should a comma before the conjunction.


The rain was pouring hard over the coastal area, for a storm was approaching the coast. 

Some subordinating conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions are connecting words that indicate a possibility of another condition to follow a previous one go through some tips online in an essay writing service. Some of these conjunctions when starting a sentence should have a comma right after, conjunctions such as however, nevertheless, therefore, etc.


I thought the ride home would be long and boring. However, it was quite fun.


Before a list, question, quotation, or an example

The colon is used in order to announce something to your reader so they can pay attention to it.

There are many types of punctuations: commas, colons, semicolons, etc. 

To show emphasis

The colon can also show an emphasis on the sentence that is to follow. 


The academy’s prodigies were interested in winning one thing: the Nobel Prize.


To show the relationship between sentences

A semicolon can connect two independent clauses that are connected to each other: one sentence says something in relation to the other. 


His writing was immensely improved by the various online resources; they helped him improve his grammar and punctuation.  

To separate a complex list

The introduction to the list will be by the use of a colon, while the list items— being complex phrases— will be separated by semicolons. 


To show possession

Possession can be shown by adding the ‘apostrophe s’. There are different rules to follow here:

  • Singular subjects: the subject will be followed by the ‘apostrophe s’


Roy’s garden looks splendid in the spring, compared to John’s, which looks dull.

To show contractions

In formal academic writing, you should avoid contractions.


Some of the common contractions are: aren’t, shouldn’t, won’t, etc.

Avoid the exclamation point!

Exclamation points look out of place in the formal essay. The emotion and the feeling expressed through them are better represented in writing. However, if you are using a direct quotation with an exclamation in it, you will have to use it. 


These were the punctuation that is associated with most of the mistakes in the essay writing. There are other punctuations as well, but these mentioned punctuations should be mastered first. With these punctuations alone, one can communicate eloquently. However, care should be taken to correct any mistakes in the revision and proofreading process, as most of these errors missed by the essay writer, but not the reader.  





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