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N-back task

The experiment:
	In this experiment participants are required to respond whenever the stimulus (square) location matches its location the previous trial (N-back-1). N-back-2 trials involve responding whenever the location of the square is the same as its location 2 trials before. This task is based on Kirchner (1958) experiment. This experiment differs from the original experiment in number of trials.

Analysing your data:

	Data is stored in the excel file produced by PsychoPy in the data folder. response.corr column includes data from N-back-1 trials. 1 represents correct response and 0 reperesents incorrect response. response.rt column includes the reaction time for each trial. response_2.corr and response_2.rt include the data from the N-back-2 trials.


	Kirchner, W. K. (1958). Age differences in short-term retention of rapidly changing information. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 55(4), 352-358.