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How can I download QuickBooks install diagnostic tool?

QuickBooks install diagnostic tool is a very helpful tool and it helps with a number of things. You can examine the connection tab which also helps with the setup of QuickBooks company data file. You can also check the firewall status and get the required information. You can then take an action at your convenience. You can also check the network connection. You can download it with the help of the steps stated below: • Go to the website and select ‘QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool’ and set the file up • Save this file where it is easy to locate • Once you download it, it will come as ‘QBInstall_tool_v2.exe’ • Close all the open files and double click on it and run the file • Restart your system once the diagnose is done • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection and let the tool automatically identify and fix the error.

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